Lauren Marchbank

Jun 082017

just as normal at 3:00 i came into the studio and i had fun on the talking iPad went through the dance a lot and i mean a lot i have been yawning a lot because of how much work we have done when i say we i mean me then at the end of the amounts of times we did the dance we did it again while doing breathing exercises to get me in the zone first then maintaining it in the dance as well I am yawning jus thinking about it  we then (I) wrote on a drawing tool on the iPad and i wrote “When I dance I Feel Like Myself” and drew a squiggle then used that in the dance and used my voice audio with the music in the middle and ending with my voice saying “I am Ok”


Jun 012017

Today at 3:00 i came into the studio and from what we did last week was totally different what we did today was that i warmed up with running through the dance and then we went through the dance a few times and then we did some isolation exercises and breathing exercises with the dance breathing in-between moves to make the dance looking more alive than normal breathing in the dance and then Lincoln emailed Simone the audio and we went through the dance with that a couple of times and so did with the track of music and while i was dancing it was like a alive dance photoshoot

Lauren Marchbank, May 31, 2017