Jun 022017

May the 2nd I found out from the Australia Council  for the Arts that I have got the grant money  for my FINDING LOVE project!

I am working with Finn O’Branagain from July 17 to develop the script for the play which will show next year.

On May 19 I interviewed three people: Justin, Daisy and Greg all from WA.

On May 26 I interviewed another three people: Verity (WA) and Josh and Lorcen (SA).

Julia Hales and Verity Cope

These six interviews with another three I did in 2016 will contribute a lot to the creative development process.

Julia Hales, June 2 2017

Jun 022017

Today we did Sophie’s character. She is a lot different than the previous characters.

The gestures are a lot more feminine than Mark and Madison. I’m really happy with the characters because they’re my own.

Sophie uses Shakespearian language which is easy and hard.

Tina Fielding, May 31, 2017

Jun 012017

On Friday May 26 I SKYPE interviewed Josh and Lorcan to ask them questions about what love means to them.

It was really good SKYPING them in Adelaide as I could talk to them about my FINDING LOVE project.

It was good to meet them on the computer.

Josh and Lorcan said: Love is from the Heart.

Love is through their family and their friends.

And through partners.

Julia Hales, May 26, 2017