Jun 022017

  Review of Julia Hales’ goal setting workshops for MIXED REALITY Project– May 24, 25, 26, 2017

What worked

  • Showing example of goal setting

Julia Hales’ Goal Setting Chart – Example

  • Experience shared about how I got started and SYNC Leadership program

What didn’t work

  • Hard to explain things – like how to start those points/stepping stones
    • Going back to my own experience


What I could have done better

  • Tried to explain more
  • Helping a bit more
  • Find out about peoples’ support needs before workshops
  • Meet their support needs

What changes would I make

  • Eye contact – learn presentation or speak off top of head.
  • Visual presentation with examples
  • Visual goal setting model

Sarah Pollard’s Goal Setting Chart

Julia Hales, June 2, 2017

Jun 022017

May the 2nd I found out from the Australia Council  for the Arts that I have got the grant money  for my FINDING LOVE project!

I am working with Finn O’Branagain from July 17 to develop the script for the play which will show next year.

On May 19 I interviewed three people: Justin, Daisy and Greg all from WA.

On May 26 I interviewed another three people: Verity (WA) and Josh and Lorcen (SA).

Julia Hales and Verity Cope

These six interviews with another three I did in 2016 will contribute a lot to the creative development process.

Julia Hales, June 2 2017

Jun 012017

On Friday May 26 I SKYPE interviewed Josh and Lorcan to ask them questions about what love means to them.

It was really good SKYPING them in Adelaide as I could talk to them about my FINDING LOVE project.

It was good to meet them on the computer.

Josh and Lorcan said: Love is from the Heart.

Love is through their family and their friends.

And through partners.

Julia Hales, May 26, 2017

May 302017

Julia Hales developed a goal setting workshop for MIXED REALITY artists and delivered it last week…


For my Sync Leadership I always want to help the other young artists to follow their dreams.

I have learnt to do goal setting with MIXED REALITY artists to map out their goals.

First I start by telling them my story about how I worked at achieving my goals.

I also ask them to DREAM BIG and dreaming big means you push yourself to achieve your dreams and to see your self in the future and to keep working in the future.

I also learnt to give them some exercises to help them to map out their goals on their own and in groups. I show them my example of setting my goals to follow as well.

We all worked together in groups over three days to set some new skills to get to their big dream.

The goal setting workshop went every well and everyone in the workshop is very happy and very excited that the workshop had helped them a lot to keep working on their big dreams.

I would like to keep doing more goals setting with other people and also people with Down Syndrome as well.

I worked with Danny, Lauren, Tina, Pat, Hugo, Verity, Cameron, Aidan and Sam.

Julia Hales, May 30, 2017

May 212017

I am currently working intensely with five artists from the Mixed Reality project. Patrick Carter, Tina Fielding, Lauren Marchbank, Danny Tuckey and Julia Hales.

Each artist has their own creative agenda and drive and my role as a facilitator is to assist each individual to realise their projects.

With an arts practice based in movement and film I am currently working on developing live dance and theatre performance outcomes with each person. Themes that have emerged throughout the workshopping process have been identity, culture and reality. What is real for you? What is your everyday reality? The work we have been creating is personal and revealing and has proved to be both challenging and rewarding for the artists and I.

Once we have formed the live performance material we will then move into working with technology and virtual reality. We will be looking at how each personal reality then manifests in an unnatural virtual world. This experimentation will then be incorporated with the live performance for some of the artists.

Laura Boynes, May 19, 2017

May 182017

JULIA: Pat paints on mask and hospital gowns and puts them on wall. I take photo of Pat painting.













PAT: I have been painting hospital masks. We are going to hang them on the wall for my performance.

Patrick Carter with Julia Hales, May 11, 2017

May 172017

In the meeting we talk about all of the young artists and their projects that they are working on and planning dates in our calendars to start working with them.

When we were talking about one project my face looked scared but it’s good to talk and learn about everyone’s project and it’s very interesting.

May 172017

I saw Pat looking at his art, move around his painting on wall with Laura with music and movement.

With dance, legs, arms, chair.

Talking about what they want on Facebook.

Showing Pat’s work on the wall, movement on the chair in front of painting, now movement by standing up. Movement as well on chair.

Image: My country is far away its called Fitzroy Crossing. It is in bloom at the moment. It looks really nice. The flowers are red, yellow and black. There are lots of tall trees.
May 172017

My new job is DADAA Digital Communication Assistant for the Mixed Reality project

First we talk to one person about their work and watch the scanning of their work and all take turn and watch our work on scan for our project.

We stand around circle and we all played a game called I like.

One of us walk in the middle of the room and say what we liked and some of the group if they liked the same thing you do they come over to stand with you the same like Scared, Happy Sad.

I said I liked Home And away and everyone stand with me.

We had 4 stations for going to artists to talk about what they want to do to achieve their dreams and goals so we can help them and support them to make their dreams and the goals happen for them.