May 052017

DADAA’s MIXED REALITY is a project designed with a community of emerging and established disabled WA artists aiming to lead their digital arts practice, be digitally included and claim their place in state, national and international arts communities.

The project will run between February 2017 and February 2018 in DADAA’s new premises, the Old Boys School in Fremantle. Through this project, the artists will assist in developing a user-designed digital studio, developing future leaders in this practice.

Intergenerational, the project supports five lead disabled artists to mentor 11 emerging disabled artists (18 – 25). All 15 artists and their works and presentations will influence children and young people through Artlink’s school holiday program and be supported by collaborators and DADAA.

Social experience is a common and urgent theme for the 16 artists. Each has a unique experience of disability, some with autism and others Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and intellectual disability. Their urgency to convey unique perspectives and understandings of the world through their art form has led many (8) to apply successfully for DADAA NEXUS grants over the last few years. The five lead artists have created digital performance works as part of their involvement in the ROOM and Digital Dialogues projects. Sarah Pollard and Tina Fielding have recently joined the organisation through individual mentoring and the DADAA PIAF Connect program respectively. Sam Ren has recently joined after approaching DADAA with his film/performance script.

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