May 292017

Julia Hales’ goal setting workshop on May 25 with Pat Carter and Sarah Pollard began with what I like about myself. Sarah wrote the following in response:

What I like about myself is I’m good at singing, drawing, swimming and crocheting. My swimming teacher Marg taught me how to swim now she’s teaching me how to crochet. I think I draw some 1920s cartoons really well. I drew one of my OCs (Original Characters) including Seena and Vineyl in Undertale, Simon the cat in Bendy and the Ink Machine, Spitice in Skylands, Fox-F6x in Crash Bandicoot and I’m still drawing 123 Slaughter Me Street OC called the Pouncer and it’s on my iPad. Next I will soon be drawing a couple of 123 SMS OC including the sucker who is an elephant puppet and the Peeker who is a rabbit puppet. The Pouncer would be a cat puppet. I’ve drawn a Jet Set Radio Future OC calledRainbow and she’s a girl.

Sarah Pollard, May 25, 2017

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