Aug 172017

Today we went on Tommy and Maryanne’s Facebook page. They have Down syndrome.

We wanted to see how they met, they had pictures of their life together as boyfriend and girlfriend and they also show their wedding day video.

It’s very romantic in showing their life together. It was very exciting to see how much they love each other, and making memories together.

We talked about how we can put Claire Stewart’s story line in to our play, and how we can fit it in to Home And Away’s real story.

We did research on Home And Away’s story lines, how to put Alf, Martha and Roo’s story lines together with Claire Stewart story lines.

We did research on Down syndrome, we watched a video about the extra chromosome 21, and how people are born with Down syndrome and what happens inside your body when you have Down syndrome. There are chromosomes in your body, in your cells. People with Down syndrome make an extra copy of chromosome 21. Every one of my cells has an extra chromosome. I have something more then other people. And we watched a video about how to treat people with Down syndrome – kindly, and like every one else, using respect!

We also researched more interview videos of people with Down syndrome talking about Down syndrome means to them.

We watch videos about what Down syndrome is and about Chromosomes 21, and how we get our genes and chromosomes from both mum and dad’s side.

I would like to a presentation at hospitals, to Doctors to tell them to not to pressure people to give up or terminate babies with Down syndrome.

I would like to talk to new mothers with babies with Down syndrome to help them to not worry about having a baby with Down syndrome. I would like to give them some advice to raise them right. To love them and tell them that they will have a great life and can be independent.

We also research on adoption for babies with Down syndrome. We read a story about a family that adopted a baby named Daniel. He has Down syndrome and they gave him a great life with lots of love that they gave him. He is a part of their family. They treat him like their own children.

My project is about finding love for people with Down syndrome all over the world.

They want love in their life and to be loved by family, friends, partners, work mates.

Some people with Down syndrome have trouble finding love and keeping that love. And that’s where I come in, to help them to find love and hold it and to never let go of it.

The project is for the Down syndrome community in the world. All people with Down syndrome have the right to find their place in the world, like I have found my place.

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