Aug 172017

I have watched the TED talk video clip of Karen Gaffney. She has Down syndrome and she is a advocate. She was talking about Down syndrome and what is and what Down syndrome means. Karen also talked about terminating babies with Down syndrome and how people get afraid when they found out their baby has it, but we can show a new idea about Down syndrome.

Karen also talked about people with Down syndrome, how they used to be locked up and their family and friends fought to rescue them to give them a great life in this world. She said that we still have to fight to be seen and included and respected – we do deserve a great life.

She was in a theatre room in Portland in America.

Karen is my role Model and inspiration.

I would like to gave a talk to the public of Perth WA about what Down syndrome is in my words and talk about living my life with Down syndrome. My play that we are writing is like this – it is about Down syndrome, about living my life and love. It’s about loving each other and respect.

I wrote a comment to her on her video. I hope she reads it and writes back.

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