Nov 122018

Julia Hales, Finding Love edit #2, 2017, 2.12 minutes.

Julia Hales is an independent artist and performer who creates works exploring desires around identity, fame and love. Previously, Julia has co- created independent new works and performed with the State Theatre Centre of WA, Blue Room Theatre, the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA) and the ABC.

Finding Love is a series of eleven video interviews developed during Julia’s research and development period for You Know We Belong Together, a new theatre work premiered in 2017 and commissioned by Perth Festival in partnership with Black Swan Theatre and DADAA. You Know We Belong Together is a story of love; a theatrical celebration of this incredible force of nature told through video, dance and song. As co-creator and host Julia in both Finding Love and You Know We Belong Together offers deeply personal stories of her own (and her interviewees, Verity Cope and Justin Marshall) experiences of love, relationships, and belonging.

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