Julia Hales


My name is Julia Hales, I am an independent artist, public speaker and leader. I have been acting for 20 years. I am an actress and I love it. I went to the Academy of Performing Arts and I got an award for a year course. I have performed with DADAA in Fremantle and I was in lots of performances and arts festivals and also I was in a T.V commercial to tell people to see past my disability and see me as normal like every one else.

Julia is a dedicated performer who creates works focused on universal desires of identity, fame and love. She is in constant pursuit of performance opportunities and skill development. She has co- devised her own work and performed at the State Theatre Centre of WA, the Blueroom, PICA and on ABC radio. In 2014 she undertook a master classes in performance at the WA Academy of Performing Arts and is currently developing new theatre and digital works through the Digital Dialogues project.Julia’s was accepted into the Arts Access Australia and Australia Council for the Arts’ Sync leadership program in October 2015 and will complete the program with evaluation in September this year.. The Sync Leadership Program was presented by UK-based co-founders Jo Verrent, artist, Senior Producer with Unlimited and consultant with disability, and Sarah Pickthall, consultant, coach, community producer and diversity engineer.

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