Simone Flavelle


Simone Flavelle is Digital Producer for DADAA in Western Australia with a practice that began following a BA English (CURTIN) and Diploma Performing Arts (WAAPA). Her early career as an actor/performer propelled her to explore alternate performance forms through dance/movement and technology.

As a founding member of DADAA (1994) Simone worked with people with high support needs to develop written and performance works until 2000.

From 2002-2015 Simone managed a partnership between DADAA and the WA Disability Services Commission, working on 15 small to medium arts and cultural projects before commencing The Lost Generation Project (LGP) in 2007.

As Executive Producer of LGP, Simone worked with people with disability, their families, supports, producers and film makers to make 198 short films. Simone also executive produced the documentary, FINDINGS in 2011.

From 2012 – 2016 Simone managed the stARTSPEAK Project, an innovative digital inclusion initiative led by people with disability to build community narratives using digital technology.

She has managed creative partnerships with disability service organisations to consult with individuals and customise artistic programs. These include Brightwater, DSC Supported Community Living and Nulsen.

MIXED REALITY is one of Simone’s major projects for 2017/2018.


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