Nov 122018

Hugo Flavelle is an emerging artist currently studying Media at North Metro TAFE. For the Mixed Reality Project Hugo has created a series of visual poems using a variety of technologies. Hugo’s Soundscapes have been created from visual drawings, with audio produced to reflect and animate his works on paper.

Hugo Flavelle, Soundscapes (Monsterstomp), 2017, 1.23 minutes.

Hugo Flavelle, Soundscapes (Captain Splash), 2017, 2.23 minutes

Hugo Flavelle, Soundscapes (Haunted DADAA), 2017, 2.30 minutes.

Nov 122018

Hugo Flavelle, Travelling, 2017, 2.43 minutes.

Hugo Flavelle is an emerging artist working across film and sound, and currently studying Media at North Metro TAFE. For Mixed Reality Hugo has developed a new short film work focused on his love of travel and speed in all forms. Produced from a script and storyboard devised by Hugo, Travelling captures the thrill and exhilaration he experiences when moving at speed.

May 302017

Julia Hales developed a goal setting workshop for MIXED REALITY artists and delivered it last week…


For my Sync Leadership I always want to help the other young artists to follow their dreams.

I have learnt to do goal setting with MIXED REALITY artists to map out their goals.

First I start by telling them my story about how I worked at achieving my goals.

I also ask them to DREAM BIG and dreaming big means you push yourself to achieve your dreams and to see your self in the future and to keep working in the future.

I also learnt to give them some exercises to help them to map out their goals on their own and in groups. I show them my example of setting my goals to follow as well.

We all worked together in groups over three days to set some new skills to get to their big dream.

The goal setting workshop went every well and everyone in the workshop is very happy and very excited that the workshop had helped them a lot to keep working on their big dreams.

I would like to keep doing more goals setting with other people and also people with Down Syndrome as well.

I worked with Danny, Lauren, Tina, Pat, Hugo, Verity, Cameron, Aidan and Sam.

Julia Hales, May 30, 2017