Nov 122018

Julia Hales, Finding Love edit #2, 2017, 2.12 minutes.

Julia Hales is an independent artist and performer who creates works exploring desires around identity, fame and love. Previously, Julia has co- created independent new works and performed with the State Theatre Centre of WA, Blue Room Theatre, the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA) and the ABC.

Finding Love is a series of eleven video interviews developed during Julia’s research and development period for You Know We Belong Together, a new theatre work premiered in 2017 and commissioned by Perth Festival in partnership with Black Swan Theatre and DADAA. You Know We Belong Together is a story of love; a theatrical celebration of this incredible force of nature told through video, dance and song. As co-creator and host Julia in both Finding Love and You Know We Belong Together offers deeply personal stories of her own (and her interviewees, Verity Cope and Justin Marshall) experiences of love, relationships, and belonging.

Jun 022017

  Review of Julia Hales’ goal setting workshops for MIXED REALITY Project– May 24, 25, 26, 2017

What worked

  • Showing example of goal setting

Julia Hales’ Goal Setting Chart – Example

  • Experience shared about how I got started and SYNC Leadership program

What didn’t work

  • Hard to explain things – like how to start those points/stepping stones
    • Going back to my own experience


What I could have done better

  • Tried to explain more
  • Helping a bit more
  • Find out about peoples’ support needs before workshops
  • Meet their support needs

What changes would I make

  • Eye contact – learn presentation or speak off top of head.
  • Visual presentation with examples
  • Visual goal setting model

Sarah Pollard’s Goal Setting Chart

Julia Hales, June 2, 2017

May 302017

Julia Hales developed a goal setting workshop for MIXED REALITY artists and delivered it last week…


For my Sync Leadership I always want to help the other young artists to follow their dreams.

I have learnt to do goal setting with MIXED REALITY artists to map out their goals.

First I start by telling them my story about how I worked at achieving my goals.

I also ask them to DREAM BIG and dreaming big means you push yourself to achieve your dreams and to see your self in the future and to keep working in the future.

I also learnt to give them some exercises to help them to map out their goals on their own and in groups. I show them my example of setting my goals to follow as well.

We all worked together in groups over three days to set some new skills to get to their big dream.

The goal setting workshop went every well and everyone in the workshop is very happy and very excited that the workshop had helped them a lot to keep working on their big dreams.

I would like to keep doing more goals setting with other people and also people with Down Syndrome as well.

I worked with Danny, Lauren, Tina, Pat, Hugo, Verity, Cameron, Aidan and Sam.

Julia Hales, May 30, 2017

May 292017

Julia Hales’ goal setting workshop on May 25 with Pat Carter and Sarah Pollard began with what I like about myself. Sarah wrote the following in response:

What I like about myself is I’m good at singing, drawing, swimming and crocheting. My swimming teacher Marg taught me how to swim now she’s teaching me how to crochet. I think I draw some 1920s cartoons really well. I drew one of my OCs (Original Characters) including Seena and Vineyl in Undertale, Simon the cat in Bendy and the Ink Machine, Spitice in Skylands, Fox-F6x in Crash Bandicoot and I’m still drawing 123 Slaughter Me Street OC called the Pouncer and it’s on my iPad. Next I will soon be drawing a couple of 123 SMS OC including the sucker who is an elephant puppet and the Peeker who is a rabbit puppet. The Pouncer would be a cat puppet. I’ve drawn a Jet Set Radio Future OC calledRainbow and she’s a girl.

Sarah Pollard, May 25, 2017