Nov 122018

Julia Hales, Finding Love edit #2, 2017, 2.12 minutes.

Julia Hales is an independent artist and performer who creates works exploring desires around identity, fame and love. Previously, Julia has co- created independent new works and performed with the State Theatre Centre of WA, Blue Room Theatre, the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA) and the ABC.

Finding Love is a series of eleven video interviews developed during Julia’s research and development period for You Know We Belong Together, a new theatre work premiered in 2017 and commissioned by Perth Festival in partnership with Black Swan Theatre and DADAA. You Know We Belong Together is a story of love; a theatrical celebration of this incredible force of nature told through video, dance and song. As co-creator and host Julia in both Finding Love and You Know We Belong Together offers deeply personal stories of her own (and her interviewees, Verity Cope and Justin Marshall) experiences of love, relationships, and belonging.

Nov 122018

Liam’s distinctive animations, characters and tongue-in-cheek plots are here translated into stop motion animations for Mixed Reality. Although playful and witty, his complex storyboards and multi-layered characters explore urgent themes related to the influence of popular culture, sexuality and relationships.

Liam Hubbard, Liam & Steph (Series 1), 2017, 1.11 minutes.

Liam Hubbard, Liam & Steph (Series 2), 2017, 1.15 minutes.


Nov 122018

Hugo Flavelle is an emerging artist currently studying Media at North Metro TAFE. For the Mixed Reality Project Hugo has created a series of visual poems using a variety of technologies. Hugo’s Soundscapes have been created from visual drawings, with audio produced to reflect and animate his works on paper.

Hugo Flavelle, Soundscapes (Monsterstomp), 2017, 1.23 minutes.

Hugo Flavelle, Soundscapes (Captain Splash), 2017, 2.23 minutes

Hugo Flavelle, Soundscapes (Haunted DADAA), 2017, 2.30 minutes.

Nov 122018

Danny Tuckey, My Reality, 2017, 2.30 minutes.

Danny Tucky is a digital artist, performer and musician who has been playing with the Loose Tooth band for over 11 years. My Reality is a highly personal work created for Mixed Reality which explores Danny’s current reality and patterns of movement. This work focusses on Danny’s anxiety around being observed, his desire to assert his independence, and the often-misinformed way people perceive him.

MY REALITY is still in edit and will be published in December this year.

Nov 122018

Hugo Flavelle, Travelling, 2017, 2.43 minutes.

Hugo Flavelle is an emerging artist working across film and sound, and currently studying Media at North Metro TAFE. For Mixed Reality Hugo has developed a new short film work focused on his love of travel and speed in all forms. Produced from a script and storyboard devised by Hugo, Travelling captures the thrill and exhilaration he experiences when moving at speed.

Jan 172018

After Tuesday’s workshop at the State Theatre Centre on November 29, eight artists visited FRAMEVR’s Imaginarium in the ENEX arcade in Hay Street, Perth.

Hugo in the Dreamatorium

Mixed Reality team after a range of awesome experiences!

Sam and Kai in the Mechatron

The Mixed Reality team are looking forward to setting up VR again in DADAA’s Fremantle studios.


Nov 072017

On Friday October 20, Sarah Pollard and Liam Hubbard took part in Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery’s THE BIG DRAW.

Sarah prepared her kangaroos for the experience with the works below…


More about THE BIG DRAW to come…


Sep 192017

Liam and Steph getting married in 2002.                 Liam and Steph Have twin kids


David and Lisa was born in 2009.                      Steph and Liam was walking into a bath

This is Two Steph’s Sisters Kimberly and Rob and One Liam’s Sister Layla.  This is Liam’s Friends Rachel and Zoe and Liam’s Baby Sister called Emma.


This is Liam’s Brother Joe and Steve and Liam Friend Tony. This is Liam’s Grandparents


This is Robert,Steph’s Dad,Dave,Bruce,Mike,Liam’s Dad,Johnny,Jeff,George and Brain.