Dec 082017

Part of my work for the Mixed Reality project was to get all of the artists together at the Underground Studio at the State Theatre Centre of WA to work on their presentations to get ready for showing their work on the big screen to family and friends and the DADAA team.






To be working with the artists has been amazing. I get to help them on goal setting maps and to put it in their presentations. I am so proud of them all doing amazing work of making their work with more support.


Sep 192017

Liam and Steph getting married in 2002.                 Liam and Steph Have twin kids


David and Lisa was born in 2009.                      Steph and Liam was walking into a bath

This is Two Steph’s Sisters Kimberly and Rob and One Liam’s Sister Layla.  This is Liam’s Friends Rachel and Zoe and Liam’s Baby Sister called Emma.


This is Liam’s Brother Joe and Steve and Liam Friend Tony. This is Liam’s Grandparents


This is Robert,Steph’s Dad,Dave,Bruce,Mike,Liam’s Dad,Johnny,Jeff,George and Brain.

Aug 012017

Today Finn and I edited the Wikipedia page of the character Gina Austin from Home and Away.

In the storyline section it spoke about Ruby Leeds, played by Tracie Sammut, who was Gina’s son Brendan’s girlfriend. Ruby has Down syndrome and the page referred to her as “a sufferer of Down Syndrome”. We changed the line over to say “a woman who has Down syndrome”.

People who have Down syndrome aren’t “sufferers”. Down syndrome is a part of them.

I want the pages about my favourite TV show Home and Away to be better – to use the right words to describe people who have Down syndrome.

I also think Home and Away is ready to have a recurring character with Down syndrome – me!

May 172017

Today I came into studio and began with warmup with Laura.

We went over the dance from last week. Working title: I’m okay with it.

Filmed one rehearsal and worked on one phrase again.

I’m looking forward to showing this work to my family and some DADAA staff on June 14.

I like learning and exploring so looking forward to virtual reality session in June/July. I’d like to know what that experience is like.

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