Aug 172017

Sally Phillips from the ‘Bridget Jones Diary’ movie is a actress and she was on 60 Minutes on Sunday night. She was talking about her son that has Down syndrome and he is living his life. Sally talked about other women getting a blood test while they are pregnant to see if their baby has Down syndrome.

If the test comes out positive that it is Down syndrome, they need to think if they want to a baby with Down syndrome. If they don’t want it they might have a termination. Sometimes they are scared to raise a baby with Down syndrome because they are worried about how people will treat them, the mother and the baby, and they are worried about how the quality of life the baby will have.

I think parents shouldn’t terminate their baby with Down syndrome. It’s wrong if that’s the only reason you don’t want it. If you did want to have a baby and you got one, you need to love them and raise them as a part of the family and to give them a great life with family and friends and to enjoy life and to be so of proud them no matter what.

It’s not scary to have a baby with Down syndrome. I wish they had better information and could meet someone who would help them. Someone with Down syndrome who can tell them that life is good. I could come in and talk to them and tell them that they can have a great life and not to be scared of their baby. I can talk to them about my life, and how I have Down syndrome and how I live, so they don’t have to be worried about their kids.

I didn’t know Sally Phillips had a son with Down syndrome, I thought she was just an actress. I really like Bridget Jones Diary, I have all 3 DVD movies.

I like her even more now that I know she has got a son with Down syndrome, like me.