Nov 122018

Julia Hales, Finding Love edit #2, 2017, 2.12 minutes.

Julia Hales is an independent artist and performer who creates works exploring desires around identity, fame and love. Previously, Julia has co- created independent new works and performed with the State Theatre Centre of WA, Blue Room Theatre, the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA) and the ABC.

Finding Love is a series of eleven video interviews developed during Julia’s research and development period for You Know We Belong Together, a new theatre work premiered in 2017 and commissioned by Perth Festival in partnership with Black Swan Theatre and DADAA. You Know We Belong Together is a story of love; a theatrical celebration of this incredible force of nature told through video, dance and song. As co-creator and host Julia in both Finding Love and You Know We Belong Together offers deeply personal stories of her own (and her interviewees, Verity Cope and Justin Marshall) experiences of love, relationships, and belonging.

Dec 082017

Part of my work for the Mixed Reality project was to get all of the artists together at the Underground Studio at the State Theatre Centre of WA to work on their presentations to get ready for showing their work on the big screen to family and friends and the DADAA team.






To be working with the artists has been amazing. I get to help them on goal setting maps and to put it in their presentations. I am so proud of them all doing amazing work of making their work with more support.


Dec 082017

I was the DADAA MC for work training on Thursday November 30 at the State Theatre Centre of WA.

All day.

I got to talk about what’s going to happen on the agenda and I showed them my goal setting map with stepping stones as an example to teach them my way that I did goal setting with the other artists in the Australia Council SYNC leadership.

I explained to the DADAA team how to do a goal setting map so they can do it for themselves and to help other artists that need help with their careers.

And I asked DADAA team members to share their goal setting maps with us.

Putting their big dream in the middle of the paper and stepping-stones all around it.

I also asked some DADAA team members to come on stage to talk about what they do for DADAA.


Nov 072017

Now we are at the end of writing of the script! It has been a great experience for me to work with amazing scriptwriter Finn O’Branagain. We have been working hard writing and editing the script since July.

Finn is on the left of the picture and Julia on the right. They are on opposite sides of a thin table looking at a computer screen. There are art objects around them and white walls

I am the star of the whole play and acting on stage as Claire Stewart as well. This is making my dreams happen. It’s about the Down syndrome community and Home And Away, and there will be a party with dancing at the end. I have other performers with Down syndrome on stage with me.

I have learned so much researching the history of Down syndrome. It is so interesting finding out about how sad it was for people who were put in institutions, how people with disabilities including Down syndrome were treated, and howthey used to live together in one place – the Fremantle Lunatic Asylum.

I want this play to help people to learn more about Down syndrome’s history, and not to be scared of having babies with Down syndrome, and giving people who have Down sydnrome a great life.

I want all doctors to please give new parents who’ve had the test for their babies with Down syndrome to give them the right information to keep their babies.

Now we are going into the development and putting it on stage for the first time – reading the script and trying it out.

I am very exited to be in The Blue Room for the development. Thank you to the people at The Blue Room for supporting and funding of play, and letting me use the space for workshopping for development.

I have done a play at The Blue Room before – many years ago, for WAAPA. I am looking forward to being there again working on my play next week.

It’s been great working so far in the new building of DADAA WA, The Old Boy’s School in Fremantle. It’s very big and beautiful, with a lot of space for people to work.

Thank you to everyone for your support for this play and working with me to make my dreams happen.

Thank you to the Australia Council, The Black Swan Theatre Company, DADAA, Perth Festival, and Finn O’Branagain, and thank you for setting up for me to meet the cast of Home And Away! It was so exciting.

I’m looking forward to developing the next part of the show.


Sep 072017

I have been doing lots of research of Down syndrome histroy back from year 500 and history of  timelines about Down syndrome over the years back in days, history of Hospitle of doctors and the Fremantle art centre where people of disabilities and Down syndrome lived.


It has been really great to  learn  of the history of Down syndrome.

Aug 172017

We watched a video of a couple from Queensland.

Michael and Taylor. They are world record holding swimmers. They both have Down syndrome. They are in love.

They want to get married and have kids but their parents don’t want them to have kids.

Michael and Taylor (screenshot from Australian Story)

Michael and Taylor (screenshot from Australian Story)

Their parents talk about their relationship and sleeping over the night and talk about their sexuality. It’s their own bodies, it’s not up to their parents, it’s about what they want in their relationship. Their parents should butt out of their relationship. It’s between them they need to experience it by them selves. But if they need a little advice, they will come to you.

Aug 172017

I have watched the TED talk video clip of Karen Gaffney. She has Down syndrome and she is a advocate. She was talking about Down syndrome and what is and what Down syndrome means. Karen also talked about terminating babies with Down syndrome and how people get afraid when they found out their baby has it, but we can show a new idea about Down syndrome.

Karen also talked about people with Down syndrome, how they used to be locked up and their family and friends fought to rescue them to give them a great life in this world. She said that we still have to fight to be seen and included and respected – we do deserve a great life.

She was in a theatre room in Portland in America.

Karen is my role Model and inspiration.

I would like to gave a talk to the public of Perth WA about what Down syndrome is in my words and talk about living my life with Down syndrome. My play that we are writing is like this – it is about Down syndrome, about living my life and love. It’s about loving each other and respect.

I wrote a comment to her on her video. I hope she reads it and writes back.

Aug 172017

I am very excited about this project because I haven’t made a play before but it is very exciting. I want to share my work for the Down syndrome community and show the public that all people with Down syndrome can find love. The play is about me helping them to find love like everyone else in the world. That’s what the project is.

I always wanted to have a play full of love with people with Down syndrome. To make this play for people to hear our voices, to speak up, to show the world what we can do.

I have been working with Finn and Clare they both amazing they are a script-writer and director. They have work been working with me on my project and I am very happy to work with both of them. We have lots of meetings, and do research on Down syndrome.

Aug 172017

Today we went on Tommy and Maryanne’s Facebook page. They have Down syndrome.

We wanted to see how they met, they had pictures of their life together as boyfriend and girlfriend and they also show their wedding day video.

It’s very romantic in showing their life together. It was very exciting to see how much they love each other, and making memories together.

We talked about how we can put Claire Stewart’s story line in to our play, and how we can fit it in to Home And Away’s real story.

We did research on Home And Away’s story lines, how to put Alf, Martha and Roo’s story lines together with Claire Stewart story lines.

We did research on Down syndrome, we watched a video about the extra chromosome 21, and how people are born with Down syndrome and what happens inside your body when you have Down syndrome. There are chromosomes in your body, in your cells. People with Down syndrome make an extra copy of chromosome 21. Every one of my cells has an extra chromosome. I have something more then other people. And we watched a video about how to treat people with Down syndrome – kindly, and like every one else, using respect!

We also researched more interview videos of people with Down syndrome talking about Down syndrome means to them.

We watch videos about what Down syndrome is and about Chromosomes 21, and how we get our genes and chromosomes from both mum and dad’s side.

I would like to a presentation at hospitals, to Doctors to tell them to not to pressure people to give up or terminate babies with Down syndrome.

I would like to talk to new mothers with babies with Down syndrome to help them to not worry about having a baby with Down syndrome. I would like to give them some advice to raise them right. To love them and tell them that they will have a great life and can be independent.

We also research on adoption for babies with Down syndrome. We read a story about a family that adopted a baby named Daniel. He has Down syndrome and they gave him a great life with lots of love that they gave him. He is a part of their family. They treat him like their own children.

My project is about finding love for people with Down syndrome all over the world.

They want love in their life and to be loved by family, friends, partners, work mates.

Some people with Down syndrome have trouble finding love and keeping that love. And that’s where I come in, to help them to find love and hold it and to never let go of it.

The project is for the Down syndrome community in the world. All people with Down syndrome have the right to find their place in the world, like I have found my place.

Aug 172017

Sally Phillips from the ‘Bridget Jones Diary’ movie is a actress and she was on 60 Minutes on Sunday night. She was talking about her son that has Down syndrome and he is living his life. Sally talked about other women getting a blood test while they are pregnant to see if their baby has Down syndrome.

If the test comes out positive that it is Down syndrome, they need to think if they want to a baby with Down syndrome. If they don’t want it they might have a termination. Sometimes they are scared to raise a baby with Down syndrome because they are worried about how people will treat them, the mother and the baby, and they are worried about how the quality of life the baby will have.

I think parents shouldn’t terminate their baby with Down syndrome. It’s wrong if that’s the only reason you don’t want it. If you did want to have a baby and you got one, you need to love them and raise them as a part of the family and to give them a great life with family and friends and to enjoy life and to be so of proud them no matter what.

It’s not scary to have a baby with Down syndrome. I wish they had better information and could meet someone who would help them. Someone with Down syndrome who can tell them that life is good. I could come in and talk to them and tell them that they can have a great life and not to be scared of their baby. I can talk to them about my life, and how I have Down syndrome and how I live, so they don’t have to be worried about their kids.

I didn’t know Sally Phillips had a son with Down syndrome, I thought she was just an actress. I really like Bridget Jones Diary, I have all 3 DVD movies.

I like her even more now that I know she has got a son with Down syndrome, like me.