Nov 122018

Sam Kerr, So It Begins, 2017, 10.51 minutes.

Sam Kerr is a performer with a multi-layered and diverse repertoire of works. So It Begins, is an intimate work which focusses on Sam’s memories before, during, and immediately after an accident which saw Sam acquire a disability and his father pass away.

Sam’s haunting narration is the focus of this piece, punctured only by lingering smoke and visuals to conclude his story.

May 242017

The mixed reality project has helped me explore many past memories of the most significant part of my life.

Reliving the experience through story telling with Lincoln has helped me find some healing around the mixed feelings that run through my heart, body and mind.

The script was somewhat hard to piece together but with the help of it started to explode out of my head onto the paper.

I am really looking forward to putting it all together.

Sam Kerr, May 24, 2017